stands for: kill my self
"If I see her face one more time I am going to kms"
by ghjkdgdkfj December 09, 2007
Kiss me silly
I love you baby, kms.
by the silliest December 25, 2013
Stands for kill myself. Used online mostly.
"My mom wouldn't let me get starbucks, KMS."
by EnderGirlx November 01, 2014
Killer make-out session
Kyle loves to get a KMS with his girlfriend or cat. Get it!
by KYLE PRESTON Kelley October 24, 2005
Korean Maple Story; One and the first version of many versions of maple story. People on this version use the Korean language.
Tiger: I think I should quit GMS and join KMS!
GMS Gamemasters: No! You're supposed to be an ugly nerd idol to all of gms nubs!
by TheyMadeMeDoIt January 07, 2007
It means "kiss my sack".
Boy: Heyyy girl, wanna kms?
by Jauna March 17, 2006
An acronym for Kiss My Swag.
Stoopid Girl: I like your music and all but I think you need Soulja Boy on the hook...
Talib Kweli: Girl please. KMS!
Stoopid Girl, dragging on her gum with her talons: Nigga you ain't shit!

Dick Rider: Dude them kicks are too fresh!
The Man: You know This! KMS!
by Kp-Spears June 07, 2009

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