The biggest douche bags that have ever walked the face of this planet. Their disgustingly horrid, "music," can often be heard blasted by the most tough, "bros," in their raised trucks. They are the definition of a waste of space, and are enough to make Hitler cry and become depressed about society.
See douche bag, chav, kev, wanker
Kmk, "bitch"
Yes, Please.
by lols April 01, 2006
Top Definition
Kotton Mouth Kings
I was Bumpin the KMK on the way over.
by unter-housen March 18, 2003
Kotton Mouth Kings. Only one of the best groups out there. It's crazy wild stoner rock.
Hey you goin to the kmk concert next week?
by Christina H May 15, 2004
how can so few fucking people know about this band..god damn it
Gettin hella bent like KMK
by childofevil October 07, 2003
it's called 'Kus mijn kloten' in Dutch, meaning: 'kust mijn kloten'
in order to put more power to the sentence it's in.
kind of an abreviation of the Kotton Mouth Kings, but then in Dutch ...
I want to go to sleep, kmk!
by maths May 28, 2009
abriviation for Kottonmouth Kings. they base their music around freedom and your right to smoke pot. theyre awesome.
that kmk show was sick as fuck.
by xokt44 January 02, 2006
The Bro version of The Backstreet Boys. They have no musical talant. Hopefully they will all die of drug overdose very soon. They also love to DGAF: dick grab ass fuck.
Billy: Oh my god what is that horrible noise coming from that lifted truck that looks like its never touched dirt?!

Bob: Its that stupid boy band called the KMK.
by pizza head August 21, 2008
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