One who invests in a SCAM company...
I can't believe spag bought family. She is such a Klootzak.
by pig reverse December 18, 2005
Top Definition
A derrogatory word in the Dutch language. Literally, it means "nutsack", but is used in the same situation in which "asshole" is used in English.
by Daryl May 11, 2003
phonetic english pronounced "clawed-sac", Dutch word (mainly used in Flanders, Belgium). translated literaly to English : Ballsack.

Usually translated as : Asshole or Bastard
Wat een klootzak!!! (What an/a Asshole/Bastard!!!)
Wie is die klootzak nu weer? (Who's that Asshole/Bastard?)
by MadBelgian May 06, 2008
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