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phonetic english pronounced "clawed-sac", Dutch word (mainly used in Flanders, Belgium). translated literaly to English : Ballsack.

Usually translated as : Asshole or Bastard
Wat een klootzak!!! (What an/a Asshole/Bastard!!!)
Wie is die klootzak nu weer? (Who's that Asshole/Bastard?)
by MadBelgian May 06, 2008
Belgian dialect word (flemisch brabant) that means "fucking"
Verdomme pee, daarmee zou ik wel eens willen vossen.
Damn man, I'd like to fuck that one.
by MadBelgian May 06, 2008
belgian brand of sigarettes...
Short filter, full flavor, equally bad for your health
Ey Jeff, since when do you smoke Belga?
by MadBelgian May 06, 2008
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