1) a vagina
2) a ravine, a deep narrow valley or gorge
3) peculiar salt lakes or marshes which dry up to beds of salt
1) I bet she's got a cheesy kloof
2) Her kloof is queefing
3) Her deep kloof ain't fresh
4) Ma kloof's so saturated and wet
5) She got a tight kloof
by abasketofprunes February 04, 2011
Top Definition

A universal derogatory term for anyone
Something bad
(noun) You little kloof
(adjective) That's pretty kloofed
by Anonymous123325456 May 10, 2013
word i made up that means pussy
Jack: Dude, Harry just wimped out at smokin another bowl.

Frank: That Kloof.
by usual suspect June 09, 2005
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