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Literally: "On my dick."

"Kliris" is a conjugation of the word klir, which is a vulgar form of the word "penis:" "dick" or "cock."

This slang term can be used to denote a careless attitude. Similar, less vulgar phrases include "I don't care,""I don't give a shit," and "I couldn't be bothered."

Interestingly, "kliris" can be used in both its positive and negative forms to convey the same message. "On my dick" and "not on my dick" are one and the same.

"On my dick:" Kliris
"Not on my dick:" Kliris chi

See also: danzis
Person 1: "Hey, your girlfriend is mad at you for flirting with her friends."
Person 2: "Kliris."
Person 1: "She says she's not going to speak with you until you apologize."
Person 2: "Kliris chi."
Person 1: "That's the spirit! Where are those hoes at?"
by anon brees November 28, 2007
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