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One who's penis is small ONLY because you could not arouse him (no faggots). It prefers women, so STOP LOOKING. (Faggot)
Homeo was upset because he couldn't suck on a kleinpeter.
by Har_Mwhore-Tits March 05, 2003
3 0
little penis
if you want to get the chicks you better not have a kleinpeter.
by N/A March 05, 2003
4 1
Dutch surname for one who is from the area of small (klein) rocks (peteer).
Was'up, Kleinpeter?!
by Kenny Kleinpeter May 16, 2003
4 2
One who treats all employees and business units fairly and equitably.
That guy sure is a kleinpeter
by r_mortis March 03, 2003
2 1