A relation of the Cunt family but not as offensive just funnier. KLANK! can descride all aspects of a woman but in particular relates to her vagina.
A girl who works in a bank is a BANK KLANK!
A red haired girl is a GINGER KLANK!
But at the end of the day they are all KLANKS!
The list is endless...
The KLANK! will live forever

by #frosty# July 31, 2006
Top Definition
Strong buttfucking alphamale
He is klankingly good
"Look mom, that guy looks klank"
by mfrstar October 25, 2008
absolutly anything.
"Woah that movie was pretty klank!"

"can i have some of that klank please?"
by Smelly2495 April 13, 2010
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