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the state of something being sweeeet, or completely lame if you are being sarcastic, depending on tone of voice.
somehow related to musician donnie klang.

klang - sweet
joe - dude donnie klang is legit!
dylan - yeah his music is klang'in...! just playin ya right donnie klang is a faggot
joe - no waaaaaaay hes legittttt!

drew - man i put cheese on this chicken sandwich and it was klaaaaaang!
dylan - dude that sounds delicious lets call it a klangwich

joe - have u seen the new jordans? im not sure if id rock them or not
dylan - dude those are klang as fuck, u could pull em off, id wear em for sure!
by i spit hot fire April 30, 2009
When you fall on your face trying to catch a football in front of three hot women. Then you go dumpster diving, find clothes that fit you, and keep them.
I pulled a Klang the other day
by Anonymous DD September 22, 2006
Tinyblatterpeesalot - Indian Name
When Klang drinks he urinates alot.
by Klangerpeesalot February 05, 2010