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1. A bludgening weapon used by highlanders to take into battle.
2. A cerimonial chalice used to drink klail ale.
3. A deity equivilant to Zeus, used by the highlanders.
4. A vulgar profanity.
5. Used as a substitute for any and all words rhyming with klail.
6. A slang term for the penis.
1. I'll crush you with my klail!
2. A goblet or cup.
3. By the name of Klail's beard.
4. Klail off!; It smells like klail in here! Wheeew!; Suck my klail.
5. McKlailee Klailkin, Theres always room Klailo, I'm kliailing away.
6. I need to go drain the Klail.;
by Corey McKlail April 10, 2008
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