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King Kong Schlong. In other words giant penis.
My K.K.S. is craving some action
by themastaeig January 02, 2006
(abr.) A-OK!; snazzy. Most often seen in text messages or e-mails.
TEXT 1: "I'm making some delicious nachos"
REPLY TO TEXT 1: "Kks. Sounds good."
by TheLindsey April 19, 2008
(King) Kool Savas
german rapper (one of the best)
K.K.S.: Hier ist euer Report, zeigt mich an denn dieser Track ist wie Mord
Ihr hoert den Besten, den King, den rappenden Tony Hawk !

(this is your report, denounce me 'caus this track is like murder.
you listenin' to the best, the king, the rapping tony hawk)
by germandude April 02, 2006
a shortened version of krispy kreme
I'm going to hit KK's with zach later.
by Misi March 21, 2008