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One who looks in the mirror everyday only to see how much better looking he has gotten and finds himself having to beat the girls (older than 18) off with sicks.
Damn man, what do I have to do be like Kizzle Clizzle.
by TA and CA blow donkeys March 02, 2003
A handsome, yet hapless, body builder who has no game so he resorts to sexual relations with underage girls.
Poor, poor Jenny. Rumor has it, she is a victim of a Kizzle Clizzle.
by Long Haired Hippie March 02, 2003
To commit rancid acts of sodomy. Often under the influence of alcohol.
That buy just kizzle clizzed that little girl.
by Awsome Animals March 02, 2003
One who regularly engages in inopropriate relations with children under 15 years of age. A kizzle clizzle also enjoys "protein shakes".
That kizzle clizzle better recognize who runs things up in here and lay off my Kool-Aid.
by Someone Important March 02, 2003
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