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kittydoom is a fantastic half Korean woman on livejournal who moderates some of the world's best communities. Her masterpieces include three macro communities, cat_macros, all_macros, and wtf_catmacros; also wtf_omgz, metalchinchilla, kittydoomicons, and fleshlight. Best known for her notorious fleshlight weilding icon. She works for a porn company, and has an extremely laid back moderating style. Often is victim of kittydoom photoshop incidents, where her face is photoshopped onto mulitple strange people, or multiple strange things are photoshopped either onto or around her. check wtf_omgz for some fine examples.
Hey look, creepy wide eye freak model. Someone photoshop her eyes onto kittydoom!
by Roxy Paige Hart March 31, 2007
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