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Reference to the vagina in sweet baby talk
Hey baby, eww gonna let mr feel that kitty kat?
by Kevin Wolff January 22, 2004
a group of mainly brunettes who are internally blonde, that think they are the shit, and wear clothes that wedge up their ass and expose their bras
OMG the kitty kats are assembling!
We better go before we get flashed!
by Dawn Puccini June 17, 2011
The term used for a vagina/flange/pussy/cunt which sounds far more appropriate and innocent, even for those good old nymphos!
My kitty kat needs attention... *flutters eyelashes*
by The tattooed tea lady December 21, 2010
Indescribably amazing in every aspect (beauty, soul, personality, humour, cuteness etc.)
KRK should is a true KittyKat to J
by jbeaw November 09, 2011
Used to show cuteness in something. The Kat is missed spelled to show illeterate cuteness.
I often use this cause it makes it look better.
by Jebrone February 19, 2005
To surprise and frighten another person by jumping out at them while screaming Kitty Kat. (Can also be used in whisper form for same effect)
Beiber Kitty Kat'd the Director while he was returning from the bathroom.
by jettyrock1978 May 14, 2014
*sometimes known as a "Kit-kat", Putty-kat, pussy-kat, Miss-kitty.

Usually a lady (of almost any adult age) who cat-call. You find most of these types walking down the street Cat calling (usually men ) in either cars or the men who pass them on the street.

These type come in 3 flavors

(type 1): seek only enjoyment of the cat-calling in general for the purpose of getting attention only (even if the "cat called" dont respond ). (much like an actor or comic who yells "hey <insert name> is in the crowd")

(type 2): Seek the attention as well but also enjoy it even more if the "cat-called" respond

(type 3): seek out sexual partners from there Cat Calls

Note: this person is not to be confused with a Prostitute
Voice: Hey baby, You like what you see!

Did that Kitty-Kat just cat-call out to us !

dude She did !
by The amazinggeek April 09, 2015
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