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Kitten, but spelled with U instead of E, making it cooler.

It's not a misspelling, it's a way of life.
I like fluffy kittuns.
by Nash August 28, 2004
*An exclamatiun when seeing felines anywhere, or Tim.

*The proper way to pronounce "kitten," dating from the early part of this century. The "un" suffix may be used to properly pronounce any word ending in "en" or "ion."

While officially, it is the proper pronunciatiun of "kitten," it refers to all cats. To speak about a baby cat, one would use the word "kittenun."

A variatiun of Cajun Man's speech, but not intentiunally.

"I bought a kittun at the animal shelter. It recently birthed kittenuns."

"I must wipe that bird excretiun off the window."

"I was cold and ate my mittuns."
by Dori August 28, 2004

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