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a delicous combination of chocolate and wafers combined to create a magical blast of flavor and is quite delicious when frozen.

also a sexy nickname.
hey kit-kat bar, your looking quite sexy today.
by brett, aka kit-kat bar January 11, 2009

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a chocalatey- wafery mix made of win and rainbows. most known for the old commercials they would that were all like- "gimme a break, geimme a break, gimme a break o' that kit-kat bar!" ...*sigh*... the good ol' days... *sniff*
*sees a kit-kat bar* *glomp'd* later... "what? chocolate, wafers, on MY face?!?! psh- i dunno wtf your talkin bout.."
by rawr, poke January 29, 2009