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Actually its not the most offensive swear word in arabic.

The word origin is from the west cost of Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah) then moved to the north to Syria, Lebanon , Palestine (where apparently they use it the wrong way).. etc ..
Literally it means "your mothers vagina" , but its short for " shove it up your mothers vagina " its used to be " fee Kuss ummak "
Usage: said when someone refuses to give you something , you tell him , kuss ummak I don’t want it . as in you can keep it.
Ali : Give me your car keys.
Fahad: No
Ali : kisumuk I dont want your fuckin car.
by AK Omar June 09, 2006
This word is one of the most offensive 'swearwords' in arabic. It is very disrespectful when used, as it usually starts a fight. It basically means 'your mothers vagina' but in a much vulgur way.
But between friends, it is used in an innocent way.
'Who the hell do you think you are? Get out of my sight! KISUMUK!!!'
by M-S May 29, 2005
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