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a sexual position that is essentially the same as the missionary style position, only with an emphasis on the kissing aspect of the intercourse enabled by its physics; often couples who have established a deeply-intimate, intensely-passionate romance will employ the kissionary method when in the mood for a more sensual form of carnal interaction

Mike: Joe and Beth are so in love.

Martha: Yeah? How do you know?

Mike: Well, cause Beth told me the they did it kissionary style last night.

Martha: Kissionary style? Wow, it's gettin' serious between them two, huh?

Mike: Indeed, Martha. Indeed it is.


Passionate Lover 1: Baby, I'm a do you right tonight.

Passionate Lover 2: Oh yeah, sexy? Tell me more...

Passionate Lover 1: Well, I was thinking we could do it kissionary style.

Passionate Lover 2: Oh damn. You done got me turned on now. Nothing's hotter than kissionary...

Passionate Lover 1: Indeed, passionate lover 2. Indeed there is not.
by commie22 December 16, 2010
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