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Kirkpatrick's considered by most to be generally the most awesome group of people. Among the manliest group of people the males are actually born with hair on their chest. Ancestors include the Scots and Irish some of the manliest peoples to exist, tend to have big swords in both the literal and metaphoric sense of the word. They also have close ties with that of the vikings. Natural prey the Mcleods a generally scrawny and weak group of people's.
Wow that guys so manly he's probably a Kirkpatrick.
by Calvin Kirkpatrick November 13, 2007
This is a completely useless individual stricken to work at convenience stores, or fast food restaurants for all of their existence. Kirkpatrick's are known for their low self-esteem, lack of motivation, poor hygiene, and horrific bad looks. This individual has no sense of humor to speak of unless it is one of their own (lame) wise cracks.
Bill: Dude, whos that lazy son of a bitch on your couch?
Jon: I don't know but he's a real Kirkpatrick.
by Smokey Mc2Stroke December 09, 2010

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