Derived from the phrase "good shot kirk." Used when you hit a golf shot and it slices into the woods or an otherwise bad shot or bad move done in any sport or life action. Kirked is when you make a bad shot or move and somebody quickly responds by stating "Good Shot Kirk!"
You confidently line up to hit your driver off the tee. You hit the ball and it starts to drift into the woods. Other player might say "Good shot kirk!" Then you have been "kirked."
by kirked September 19, 2010
Top Definition
The act of having Sexual relations with a women, while unbeknownst to you and beknownst to her(because she doesn't tell you but she had to have known), she is currently menstruating. While hooking up with said female, you somehow come into contact with her "special area" and signs of contact can be seen by everyone.
-Hey did you run into a prickly bush?
-Oh man I got kirked!

-Hey whats that on your hand? Are you pulling a kirk?!

-Am I bleeding? Oh man, I don't believe this. I GOT KIRKED!
by Rich Hobbs March 05, 2008
(v) Not making your lady friend breakfast after a one-night stand.
Dude. I didn't even make her breakfast. I Kirked that ho.
by Weeds2010 August 21, 2010
when a another guy comes over to the bar and steals the girl you were chatting up (scottish term)
i was chatting up this nice lass when thats twat kirked me.
by richfoord May 15, 2010
To be touched inappropriately while one is passed out from drugs and/or alcohol.
Apparently last night when I was blacked-out drunk, some girl kirked me.
by MirandaRools February 11, 2009
The art of being cock blocked.

Orgin : The biggest cockblock, kirk.
Dude I just got kirk'ed! ... I just kirk'ed his ass!
by skiierman February 19, 2008
To be slapped as hard as effin possible in order to be shut up, most oftenly "kirked" are blonde bitches or boys with girl names.
Blonde bitch- " baby what are you getting me for my b day?"

Guy- " it's stupid questions like that that get you kirked"
Boy with girl name- "nigga damn!!"
by facialxD February 21, 2010
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