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A woman who is hot enough for Kirk to have sex with her.
"Oh wow, that girl is totally kirkable," says Kirk.

"Of course she's kirkable, she has two legs and a live pulse doesn't she?" says Jake.

"Jake, you are such a vag. Eat shit and kill yourself," says Kirk.
by Kirk Houston February 21, 2005
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Kirkable - (adjective) A woman of such quality as to be worthy of the sweet loving of Captain James T. Kirk.
Did you see that girl at WizardCon who was dressed like Mystique? She was Kirkable.
by Elly Rox July 20, 2005
A particularly desperate or pleading girl of low regard and limited social standing.
The cantankerous sores covering her body made her almost kirkable, but it was the lip fungus that put her over the edge.

A night of heavy drinking and public impropriety turned a nice girl kirkable.
by Kirk's #1 fan May 09, 2005

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