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A This name beongs to a paticularily beautiful person who doesn't always see the best in herself but will see the best in others. Aways willing to help anyone in need. She excels when it comes to advice as she has gone through many obstacles herself. Usually keeps quiet unless in a room with her friends in which she will become very happy and hyper. Love will find this person who has the name Kirin and willstick with her. She is a very compassionate and loving person but may be a bit shy at times.
Person 1: Does she seem strange to you?
Person 2: Oh, no. That girl is a Kirin.
Person 1: Really?? Boy, would I love to meet her.
by Matt Kreeger July 15, 2010
A delicious Japanese beer.
I drank 10 bottles of Kirin ichiban last night.
by wank January 07, 2005
The second hardest boss and the hardest God in Final Fantasy XI.
RNG: yay i hit Kirin for 1050 dmg with my Slug Shot!
MNK: yay i hit Kirin for 1700 dmg with Chi Blast at lvl 57 ^^
DRG: {Invite to join party.} {Please}
by - April 22, 2005
A green vegetable, or also can be "asshole".
You're such a Kirin!
by Rikki January 06, 2004
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