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The most common lay word for "penis" in Farsi (Persian).
Kir: kire bozorg= big dick
kir zadan= fuck: chera be karet kir mizani? means why do you screw up your work?
by Mehran December 30, 2005
An acronym standing for the common phrase, "Keepin' it real".
The act of honoring and acknowledging previously agreed upon standards of behavior.
"I mean, he told me my toe nails shouldn't be that yellow and long and I told him I'm just K.I.R."
by VerbLover2929 February 03, 2010
(Melbourne Australia Shaolin dialect) acronym for Keep It Real. Used to appropriate regulation over certain individuals that continually exaggerate their greatness; put someone back in their place after offering incredulous
- hey I saw Beyonce at a club last nite and she asked me back to her hotel room
- man, K.I.R., you toolio
by Mikey C-izzle July 18, 2003
The internet acronym for the popular term: Keep It Real
Person1: Im out... Peace
Person2: Aight... kir
by A Lonely Friend July 10, 2008
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