King of the ocean, written about in timeless classics such as "The Kipper and the knife"
We've ran out of gruel, its time to microwave those kippers.
by Willow July 11, 2003
Top Definition
Smoked kippers; Ace Rimmer's breakfast food of choice, apparently, as he mentions them in his slogan every time he leaves in the British TV series Red Dwarf.
Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
by OpusAtrum1 January 18, 2009
Acronym for Kids In Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings.

Used to describe young(ish) people who should have moved out of the parental home but have refused to give up the easy lifestyle and perks that this entails. As a result this costs the parents in money and time.
Dude, you're 27, do you still live with your Mom?

Yeah, so does my bro. We got it sweet, we're kippers!
by veeds1 September 08, 2009
A pejorative term for a supporter of the UK Independence Party. Usually used to say how daft their policies are.
Kippers say they are libertarian, but they are also against gay marriage. Now that doesn’t make sense.
by 8510pm April 21, 2013
Acronym from Great Britain: "Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings"
Ed's one of them Kippers...34 and the bloke's still living off is Mum.
by Zapf February 25, 2005
1)A 'Smoked' Haddock or Herring (Smokie) Popular in The UK
2)Somone who is deemed untrustworthy and cowardly,ie Two Faced and Gutless.

''I had Kippers for breakfast,mmm lovely''
All Polititians are Kippers!

by Kirk Rules February 15, 2006
The nickname for Miikka Kiprusoff;
The best god damn hockey goalie ever
Kipper saved 46 shot for a shutout tonight
by JayL January 14, 2006
British slang for exterior of the vagina.

Plurally, a minge of kippers.
Ann Widdecombe wanted to show off her kipper on Strictly, but the BBC had to stick with reality.
by your sweet mum September 05, 2011
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