gay kinkaroo who likes palmers grey haired mum and his dad who cries when watching certain programmes cough cough ER
by slaw May 21, 2003
Top Definition
a girl who is in love with a boy.
and also is a nerd who can secretly be a wookie
that kinker is crazy
by mamajama April 23, 2005
A 16oz can of beer. A term used by old people in Temple, NH.
Bring some kinkers to the bonfire tonight!
by ElleN9 March 21, 2016
a male mokey lover who liek to play with palmer, his gray haired mum who retired because she seen a ghost(thats why she has grey hair) and palmers dad who cries when wacthing E.R
kinker and palmer monkey lover baptist
by slaw May 26, 2003
a very kinky individual; a person who kinks/does the act of being kinky.
Cashier: Look at him go. He's a right kinker, he is.

Fellow Cashier: Oh no. How can you tell?

Cashier: All he's carrying is feta cheese and shoes.
by primeman June 18, 2016
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