A game that starts off decent. You spend hours building up your guy, then the new age starts. So you give up
Yo all click my link (BANNED)
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
Top Definition
A game that's entertaining at first, gets you addicted and eventually you realise it requires almost no skill. The people that have the highest rank just have the highest number of geeky followers "clicking their link".
I just realised, Kings of Chaos sucks!
by Sh4w March 11, 2006
Internet scam based around rewarding children for spamming other websites.

One of many type internet "games", such as PimpLords and Outwar, that reward their "players" for spamming as many messege boards and chat rooms as possible with links to their respective clan. When a unsuspecting person clicks on a reference link they are assimilated into that clan and the owner is given more resources to use "in game". The web site also is credited with that person visiting their site and being exposed ot their banner ads, pop ups, and other such crap which the site itself makes profit off of. A thte end of a round, usually that alsts several months, the top player/s (spammers) are rewarded with kind of moderate prize. Of course the sites CLAIM that anyone caught mindlessly spamming to gain power will have their accounts terminated but just ask the 500,000 tools that make Kings of Chaos a good penny in advertisement spam whether they get banned for it or not.

These "games" are scam's and will get you banned on first offense posting a link or even talking about the sites on many boards across the internet. A true epidemic.
Spammer: "Hey I found a hot new internet game, check it out! (www.siteurl.com). "Join my clan today and I'll help you get set up."

Poster: "You're banned spammer!"
by Hic January 25, 2005
A comedic-acoustic band from just south of Boston. Focuses on fart jokes and physical humor.
Did you see the Kings of Chaos show last night? I heard it sucked.
by Word-smith1 September 05, 2009
nicknamed: KoC

An online game based on Lord Of The Rings, where link clicking is involved. However, Kings Of Chaos has a unique clicking feature which makes spamming links a thing of the past (unlike outwar).

Kings of chaos players are usually higher up the food chain that Outwar players, except for anyone in Striker Clan of KoC; in order to join that clan, you must be a dutch monkey.
randomguy7: go ass kiss yourself, biatch!

KoCplayerTahara: uhhh, anyone for trading links?
randomguy7: sure. IM me.
by James Tahara February 03, 2004
kings of chaos is an online turn based game where you build an army up by getting people to click your 'unique link' which gives you 1 soldier which is worth money every time a turn goes by

the object is to build your stats so you can defend against people
attack more people!
and also you can build spies so you can check out other peoples stats
example: anyone that uses a system other than striker clan click system is a stupid idiot an should not play kings of chaos
by shitmunk420 April 21, 2004
best online gmae ever. it f****** rulz.

play it. or die. its that easy
Kings of chaos is so awesome

LS is the worst KoC player
by james doe March 21, 2005
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