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KingBlumpkin: kang'blump-ken, OE,Fr. 1. The Star of a series of short movies about Snook Fishing, all filmed with a Video Cell Phone. 2. A Fictional Character from the West Coast of Florida featured in films produced by "TheTorch".
3. A total Gayfer.

"I watched a short movie about fishing today starring some dude that calls himself KingBlumpkin, what a Gayfer".

by Lewis Cathat April 18, 2006
kingblumpkin: ken-Blump-ken,(druid/celtic) 1.One who is the king of blump, a master in the art of blumping. 2.A fictional character in low quality movies made with a cell phone video camera.
" Due to my abilites in the area of blumping, I was voted kingblumpkin".
by mikelmikel63 April 21, 2006
The master of Blumpkins
Receives the most Blumpkins
Has the best Blumpkin stories

Can use Blumpkin as a noun, verb, adjective
Christian is the king of blumpkintown
Rob is a Blumpkin protegee
Dom gives Blumpkins while fondeling himself
Everyone wants to be King Blumpkin
by millhouse 22 November 30, 2010
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