To describe anything huge, like a plasma tv, or a stereo.
Dude your T.V. is so king kong!
by DizzyLizzy January 22, 2007
One major toke on a bong
"that is one King Kong hit m*tha f*cker
by Angus May 20, 2004
wow now thats a king kong for ya
by Bob Dole April 01, 2004
where you shave your pubic hair, bust a load on a girls face, and then throw the pubic hair on her face.
When i was done with Betsy, she looked like king kong with my pubs on her face.
by Kyle Wagner III May 09, 2006
the best movie ever however most people just call it " king katz" because of david katz and his extreme hairyness, and also very large penis
"Lets rent king kong tonight!"
"You mean king katz?? ...oh hey dave...."
by yellow123 January 22, 2007
to shit on top of a toilet while both feet are positioned on the side walls like king kong
" I didn't want anyone to see my feet so, I king konged that toilet bro"!
by TOMBOMCFAREN June 23, 2015

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