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An up and coming rapper from Texas. If you like Screwed up ish you got to hear this cat!
''Hey is that Kinfolk Hank selling cd's out his trunk again?''
by iceyhot March 28, 2004
Throwed cat! Boy go hard!
Did you see Kinfolk Hank in that cadillac sittin on Emmitt Smiths?
by lil dizzy April 02, 2004
An underground rapper from Fort Worth, Texas.Known for his balla style flows.One of the throwedest dudes in Texas.Also goes by King Hank,Hanky Panky, and Hank Hill''The King of The Hill.
Why's that boy Kinfolk Hank always talking about his candy?
by Funky Town Foot Soilder March 28, 2004
Boy goes FED! every flow he showing an naked ass display.
You can call him Mr. Hanky cause he's tha shit!
by dolla tha balla July 16, 2004
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