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When you refuse to leave after you have a one night stand, even when they ask you nicely.
Last night I met some whore at the bar....we came back to my place and she gave me the Kimmy Gibbler....she fucked the hell out of me and then refused to go home when I asked her nicely.
by Cass Ass May 10, 2006
when a female gives a male oral sex to the point they climax and the guy grabs the woman's head to make sure she deep throats and swallows the ejaculate to the point of vomiting and makes the woman drink the vomit-semen mixture
man dude, my girl gave me some good head! i made her kimmy gibbler!

friend: you are one disgusting s.o.b.
by the awesome second one December 07, 2010
A full-house in poker.
You should have seen the stupid look on your face when I flipped over my Kimmy Gibbler.
by Will Og February 24, 2008