A very sexy girl whom i love very much and bring her candy all the time
I love that pretty girl, Kimmi.
by dcdprox February 27, 2012
Top Definition
girl who's favorite number is 11. people always compliment her on her singing talents.
she's humble and doubtful but she has a great future ahead of her. music is her favorite thing in the world. and her family means everything to her.
damn that girl can sing. why doesn't she take compliments well. she's definitely a kimmi.
by svetlanna zocorro August 23, 2008
A beautiful flower with soft pedals. the reason they call roses by that name is because no one had come up with the name Kimmi yet.
I opened the door and a beautiful vase of many colored kimmis where there to great me with a note.
by Justagirllv October 10, 2011
a derogatory term used most often to describe a person of asian descent. also can be used as a deogatory term for other people (i.e. "kimmi plus color" for a black person, "kimmi minus height" for a midget)
that little kimmi did a great job painting my nails...
by MidgetsScareMe May 16, 2009
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