a BIG ass motherfucker that could easily kill you with one punch
i dont want to fight him, he looks like a Kimbo Slice
by HRV'S FINEST May 02, 2008
The Black chuck norris
kimbo slice nuff said.
by Bandito100 June 14, 2008
(N.) A huge, disturbingly large piece of pie, cake, cheese or other food type that use slices.
Friend A : "Hey Bro, would you like a slice of pumpkin pie?"

Friend B : "Hell yeah! But, make it a Kimbo Slice!"
by Shastown's Finest January 01, 2009
A substitute teacher who loves to annoy students. Likes to ruin all fun and stuck her nose into other people business. Also works at a hotel and will give students free rooms when the come in under the influence.
Today she was such a kimboslice
by sexypartybunny October 25, 2010
A man who shaves his pubic hair completely.
Dude over there, shaves his pubes clean off, Kimbo Slice like.
by cj_ho March 05, 2010
An underground fighter who will fight anyone for $5,000-$10,000. He did 10 years in jail where he gotted ripped and evidently quite aggresive. He's big, bearded, and black and he'll kick just about anyone's ass in a fight. He's as good as it gets for an untrained fighter. Expect to see him on t.v. soon.
Check him out on youtube. DO NOT FUCK WITH KIMBO SLICE!!!
by Jay2.0 April 23, 2006
v:To go so gorilla shit on a chicks' vagina that she just fucking explodes.
"I Kimbo Sliced a bitch last night."

"Damn, I would so Kimbo Slice that shit."
by Jeremiah R. June 15, 2008

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