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killzowned: to be dominated, humiliated, or proven wrong in relation to Killzone 2.

A mix of owned and Killzone 2.

This urban word spread on gaming forums from the revealing of Killzone 2 at E3 2007, which despite many doubts and bashing, still received positive feedback. The word then became used by some fans to go against those that claimed the game will be a complete failure or went on to use it after a Helghast or other soldier got popped in the head, or humiliatingly killed.
"The Killzone 2 haters got killzowned." -post E3 07 comments.

(Helghast soldier gets annihilated.) "Killzowned."
by zerotm August 05, 2007
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to be completely owned when talking about or playing the zone (Killzone) or (Killzone 2)
by game_rocker January 17, 2009
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