Rock band that realises the total hypocrisy of mainstream media and executes cost-effective protests against corrupt governments who take grants away from artists to put them torwards corporate TV shows.
We can no longer get famous by being talented and hard-working because the system is all about money and britney spears clones, we may as well do a KILLTV.
by Amy Munday September 21, 2005
Top Definition
Watching the video uplink from the U.S. Army unmanned drones as they bomb the sorry ass terrorist.
Joe 1: ''Did you hear about those derkas that the Predator smoked''

Joe 2:''Yeah, I watched them turn into soup on Kill TV''
by Jimmyrod February 15, 2008
Wankers who go on a shit tv show finale to expose their mates crap band to hundreds of thousands of viewers only to make fools out of themselves and the group.
Most young groups still get famous the old fashioned way through hard work and talent without resorting to pulling a KiLLTV.
by You sold out for free? August 15, 2005
KiLLTV are an awesome band from Brisbane, Australia.
KillTV was formed in late 2003 in San Francisco
Since then the band have based themselves in Brisbane, Australia,
KiLLTV's numner one die hard fan is Imagine, responsible for Beerwah Colt like following.
Gatecrashed Big Brother finale - were man handled my Grettle Killeen. About time someone protested.
Pretty much teh most awesome brissy band
KiLLTV are living large
by Imagine_Imogen March 19, 2007
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