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Kid I'd like to fuck
Coach Edelman is the biggest kilf hunter I have ever seen.
by thugger October 29, 2003
kid I'd like to fuck
"...dude, I know she's only 15, but she's such a hot little kilf."
by Armand June 26, 2003
korean i'd like to fuck
Kilf-Acronym; Korean I'd Like to Fuck Female individual of Korean nationality walking aroound any Korean neighborhood or big city usually wearing short tight mini-skirts and stilletos giving american soldiers stationed in Korea boners that will last a lifetime. They usually travel in pairs holding hands, which makes them even more desirable for a menage e trois.
#kilf #korean i'd like to fuck #female #korean #mini-skirts #stilletos #boner #menage e trois #fuck
by Mr. C@t July 31, 2009
Kilf (king I'd like to fuck)
Oh look there's Malik he's suck a kilf
#milf #gilf #qilf #wilf #hilf
by Aré April 02, 2015
The act of liking underage children with constent sexual fantasies. Kilf stands for Kid I Like To fuck
When Mikey and Sam went to the arcade they came across a 4 year old kilf Emma, the hot bitch fuck who one day will be a slut with huge tits (knockers). After their encounter with the rare kilf they immedietley had an everlasting bonner which Emma said she will blow when she gets at least to ten years old. Pretty young for a slut!!!
#boobs #4 year old slut #tits #girl #pussy #tan #bikini #blonde #hairy #american
by Sammy Choppers July 19, 2009
Klingon I'd Like to Fuck
Man that is such a kilf.
#klingon #milf #dilf #hozie #blumpkin #air biscuit
by Potsy Kretts December 29, 2008
"Kid I liked to fuck"
Man that kids a "kilf" in a few years i'll be on that like a fat kid on cake
by Kristyn November 21, 2003
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