The most kick ass japanese soysauce man imaginable....his sauce is the best!!!!!
cheap sauce man shoots beam at kikkoman, kikkoman avoids injury by using mustard man as a human sheild. finishing off with his super KIKKO-PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!
by mlvrmn August 22, 2007
Top Definition
A popular brand of soy sauce. Regulars on the Japanese message board 2-Channel came up with a joke superhero, named after Kikkoman sauce, who fights for justice against evil foreign sauces. The flash video for the Kikkoman superhero is popular, even among those who have no idea what's going on in it. (In fact, that probably helps. See: Hi-Ho.)

In the original post, the flash movie was misspelled Kikkomaso (the katakana for 'n' and 'so' are very similar), and it is still sometimes referred to by that name.
"I like to put Kikkoman on rice, AOL CDs and nuclear weapons."

"Show me, shoyu, Kikkoman!"
by Tarazu February 03, 2004
The only person alive who can do the Kikko punch. Amazing.
"let us explain.
Kikko punch
The power of the punch which
comes from Kikkoman's unnecissarily-built
body is far more than what you can imagine.
In addition,since Kikkoman is always using
his gloves for brewingsoysauce,you'd be
itchy when you get punched by him!"
All Right!
by Russell December 11, 2003
the best shoyu (japanese for soy sauce) out there. worth noting is that the bottles all bear the admonition "refill only with kikoman". i have no idea what would happen if you did, i've never dared.
oh fuck! you put kimaso in the kikkoman bottle? TAKE COVER!!!!
by slunt February 05, 2004
the best super hero ever(originating from Japan) and also the funniest flash movie ever.
show me, show you, Kikkomaaaaaaaan!
by khalahaley June 07, 2003
a japanese super hero who withholds the power of soy
show me, show you, kikkoman!! allright!
by Rik January 23, 2003
Mascot for the well known Kikkoman soy sauce. He promotes his sauce by playing Counter-Strike in CAL league. He is very good.
Kikkoman is tasty and good.
by kikkoman August 26, 2003
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