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what an asshole online says when you just got to the good part of the conversation. They say g2g and you get PISSED OFF because you don't have anything better to do, and your friend that just said g2g is probably going to wack off or something...
IMer1: so that's just when she says
IMer1: oh, g2g
IMer2: c'mon i wanted to hear that!!!!
IMer1: too f***ing bad, you sorry loser, i have to go wack off or something!
IMer2: fine, cya
IMer1: bye
by Kikkoman May 12, 2004
Someone who REALLY pisses you off, and for no good reason either, there's just something about their persona that makes you want to fuck them up in their head, thus making them a fuckhead.
Phil: Hi, I'm Phil, don't you just LOVE me, lalalalalalala!
Me: Shutup you fuckhead!
by kikkoman May 12, 2004
Perfect, tasty.
Man this food was Kikkolicious
by Kikkoman July 06, 2003
Mascot for the well known Kikkoman soy sauce. He promotes his sauce by playing Counter-Strike in CAL league. He is very good.
Kikkoman is tasty and good.
by kikkoman August 26, 2003
some strange word from New Zealand that showed up in one of Steriogram's songs 'Walkie Talkie Man' it went,
"Those bods are being bad
You better take a stand"
in which, New Zealand made up a stupid word, which i don't know...
uhhhhhhhh... bods...
by kikkoman May 12, 2004

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