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A small child.
Aww, look at that cute little kidlet.
by Kyoko October 24, 2003
100 12
Plural Kidlets
Another word for children, kids also used to express a name for older people that you know well.
Hey there my little kidltes!
How are you today my kidlet?
by Emma aka the insane one November 10, 2005
26 12
an obnoxious fat kid
The kidlet at all my chocolate cake.
by Swiffer Sheet V December 03, 2007
11 56
When you are only wearing one knee pad when you are takin a picture with somebody else that has both of them on.
They must have felt so stupid, they had a kidlet!
by anonymous October 23, 2003
5 50
The kid version of a pimp
Child #1 : Why does that kid get so much booty?

Child #2 : He's a kidlet
by FoutMastaFlash October 21, 2003
3 56
A meal the McDonald's people are considering adding to their menu. It is like a chicken nugget exept instead of a hunk of unidentified chicken-like something in the center it has a piece of a little kid (deep fried, of course).
Yo, i'm gonna go down to McDonald's and get myself some kidlets.
by randomoldman October 26, 2003
10 64