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someone who goes around in a van, usually white, and catches children. normally uses a net, and tells children about the sweets he has in his/her van.
sometimes called a pedo
"hey kids, do you want to come see my sweets, they're in my van" or
John "hey, look at that mans kiddy catcher net" dave "bet he's going to his van"
by derping chicken December 26, 2011
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A guy usually about 6foot with short/medium black greasy hair.
makes young girls and children do things they don't understand.
has many catch phrases "do you want to see my labrador puppies"
"would you like some sweeties little boy"
"suck that lollipop or the nasty men will hurt you"

usually drives a volvo
"Ben's cock was tickeld by the kiddy catcher, he asked ben if he would like some sweets, he made ben do things he didnt understand. ben has a cock nose"
by hallyconetoothree May 02, 2008

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