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is a horny prostitute
1. mr.kj: heyy kiddo! nice job kiddo! whats up kiddo?
2. oh my god you're such a kiddo! what a kiddo!
by blasian963 May 22, 2008
59 383
Someone who is at least slightly younger then you in age, but so aptly intellectual as to have the best of both worlds; brains and purely cute facial characteristics combined with childish noises that cause her companion to smile with delight.
"Hey kiddo," Chris said to Allison as she wiggled her nose, bared her pearly whites and replied with "thwawattwat"
by buggaloo May 09, 2004
882 266
A friend; a buddy
Hey Kiddo?
Was up?
by xXx December 30, 2003
385 238
A cool kid normally loving. kiddo is person who will stand up for ladies in need. Dont ever mess with kiddo he has anger issues 0.0 and will rip ur head off
Somebody: hi loser
Kiddo: what did u call me
Somebody: a loser
Kiddo: .......
by kiddodew November 28, 2013
11 5
Derogatory term meant to piss someone off in order to elicit a reaction
Hey kiddo, why don't you put on your big-boy pants and act like a man
by Kiddokinsy September 28, 2013
20 16
What Bill calls The Bride in Kill Bill. At first it seems to be a patronizing nickname until you realize her real name is Beatrix Kiddo.
Bill: Do you find me sadistic? You know, Kiddo, I'd like to believe that you're aware enough even now to know that there's nothing sadistic in my actions. At this moment, this is me at my most masochistic.

The Bride: Bill, it's your baby.

Bill: Was my reaction really that surprising?

The Bride: Yes, it was. Could you do what you did? Of course you could. But, I never thought you would or could do that to me.

Bill: I'm really sorry, Kiddo. But you thought wrong.
by Caribou_Barbie May 12, 2011
84 92
A term often considered an endearment to a loved one, but often serving as a distraction from the fact this person is a single woman with a child.

Usually combined with a lack of understanding for ones true age and required maturity level. Resulting in the cutesy use of the word, 'kido or kiddo' to describe ones bastard offspring.

In truth it is weird, you need to grow up and act your age.
"Having dinner and a movie with the kiddo!"
by Parasite Id December 20, 2011
50 104
A term you can use to your girlfriend to be a term of endearment.
"Hey there kiddo, you're fucking hot tonight."

"I love you kiddo."
by jdub1983 July 10, 2008
238 308