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1. Shoes
2. For fun
1. I need some new kicks for school.
2. We stole the mascot just for kicks.
by Chad Deese November 06, 2003
footwear, particulary sneakers
Check these new kicks I got at Foot Locker.
by Michael November 05, 2003
Someone that you chill with and kiss and do other things but no sex. Like friends with privilages.
Oh, he's my kick.
We've been kick's for a few months already.
by Just_Me August 28, 2003
whenever your foot makes contact with something
when I throw my foot at you it is still a kick
by fulopslacker June 27, 2013
A word for "shoes, usually athletic ones" that media and advertisers use to make them seem more in-touch with youth culture than they really are.
Next up on "Insider" we'll see why legions of fans are lining up at midnight just for a chance to buy these "kicks."
by freakdog August 13, 2012
Keep It Complicated Knob: The antonym of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle where someone makes something unnecessarily complicated.
Bob: Who the hell designed this crap?
Alex: Christian, he likes to follow the KICK principle.
by ebh June 06, 2012
To "kick" is to leave.
Mischa: Alright, I'm gonna kick now..
Tony: See you later!
by -brownsugar* July 08, 2009