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hey girl, when are we gonna kick shit?
by KelsoTheGirl January 27, 2011
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Hang out or chill; mess around; kill time.
I went over to David's the other day to kick shit for a few hours and talk about MW3.

I just kicked shit the whole break 'cause all my friends were out of town for Thanksgiving.
by 1958 December 25, 2011
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When one is too lazy to say "kick the shit out of," they merely say "kickshit." This word can also be used as a form of attack such as "a kickshit" which is just a really bad kick that was totally uncalled for.
I ought to kickshit you in the head you little turd
by Fat Tits Fart November 04, 2007
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for something to be in a sense "pretty cool"
"i just won the lottery!"
" kick shit that's awesome!"
by Bosaya May 04, 2008
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