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Poop trapped in one's ass and discovered while fingering or fucking someone.
Damn, his ass had all kinds of kibbles and bits when I fingered his hole.
by Preluder August 19, 2006
The bits of shit that escape from an anus because the sphincter has become so distended - be it from anal sex or other activities - that it can no longer retain feces.
John gets fucked in the ass so much he leaves a trail of kibbles and bits wherever he goes
by Mr Fantabulous September 23, 2006
A reference to a male dog's genitalia, sometimes used to describe the act of having sex with a dog.
Jim: I feel so sick after those Kibbles and Bits I had for breakfast.
Bob: Maybe you shouldn't eat dog food.
Jim: No, that's not it. My dick hurts cause i fucked my dog this morning.
by mofoshoyo May 14, 2009
To get small chinks of weed in your mouth when smoking a joint, pipe, or blunt. (not a good thing at all)
Damn Get that pipe a screen! i got kibbles and bits all in my mouth!
by duhveed October 06, 2009
Slang for scraps of crack rocks, as an alluson to the dog food. Often as picked out of the carpet.
He was so strung out he was smoking kibbles and bits off the floor, though it was probably drywall.
by Zyklon-B February 14, 2004

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