A giant Ukrainian four-leaved clover that consists of cheese, aluminum, socrates, millenium, glucose, sucrose, and millberry pies.
The night is young, so let's go fetch us some kibble. How'd you like to come, Horatio?
by Jonny Twotime October 23, 2007
Top Definition
Parts on a Transformer/Transformer-esque toy that are useful in one mode (doors, arms, bumpers, feet) but stick out on the other.
This toy is covered in kibble - look at this! Car doors hanging from its wrists.
by JacOak February 07, 2009
KB: kine bud
that dank ass herb that gets you smacked
yo I got them kibbles if you need em
by thedankery September 19, 2006
breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or a snack in general. Can include, but is not limited to, anything eaten while you have the munchies. In reference to the dog food Kibbles 'n Bits.
"I want some kibbles!"
"Mom, fix me kibbles!"
by dr. teflord April 19, 2009
game freak;nerd;outsider
dont be such a kibbles at school
by jason April 13, 2003
game freak, outsider
man you are such a kibbles, you never come out
by jason April 13, 2003
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