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3 definitions by luckykorn

when you have a fart that doesnt have enough pressure to expel itself out from between your ass cheeks and you are forced to squeeze your ass cheeks together and cause the trapped fart bubble to expel from under your ball sack. usually results in a high pitched popping sound
Dude, what the fuck was that noise?

oh, haha. i just had a man queef
by luckykorn January 04, 2010
when a girl is onyour dick but not moving, just sitting there squeezing her pussy muscles on your dick
That girl was riding me so hard last night then just stopped and gave me a cuntflex.
by luckykorn December 28, 2009
to fart worse than a dog
Your buddy: Man, you smell that dog fart?

You: Nah man, that wasn't the dog, I kibbled.
by luckykorn December 21, 2009