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sexy pretty person, likes jackets, belts, &socks. likes the brands billabong, volcom, famous, quicksilver, &nike. favorite things are beach, shave ice, &B0Ys ( &shana(: ) is friends with an ogre &deformed zebra &a taro (:
kiani your so sexy
by D0NKEY(: December 03, 2008
Kiani: a wonderful truly amazing girlfriend who you would never want to give up. She is amazing in any way possible and will always brighten up your day no matter the situation. Never and I mean ever give her up for anyone else. Ever.......
Kiani... I love you sooo much.
by Sparky43 September 05, 2011
Oval shaped head roun bals head
You got a Kiani head, massive bald and round
by Tim Muggers January 20, 2005
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