The alleged spiritual energy within all human beings. According to a certain group of Japanese artists, channelling your Ki will allow you to perform normally impossible tasks, such as shooting a Kamehameha wave from your hands.

Note: It is the exact same thing as Chi.
Basically, Ki is what souls are made of.
by Psydon August 09, 2004
Top Definition
kilogram of cocaine or crack
watch the movie scarface they say it throughout the whole movie
by paul August 31, 2004
Kilogram of cocaine or crack
"I got Kis coming from overseas, cost a nigga 2 hundred Gs" - Syke from 2Pac's "picture me rollin"
by bimmer24 May 17, 2007
The supposed energy in Dragonball Z. Gained by yelling like a retard until you get bored, pass out, or just get tired of yelling.
*Goku charges his ki*

"I'm going Super Saiyan, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
by Newlemming December 05, 2009
Ethylphenidate, a drug very very closely related to the pharmaceutical Ritalin (methylphenidate). Amphetamine-like effects, but warmer and more MDMA-like. Legal and available off the internet.
"We should totally sniff some ki, guys."

"Do you fancy a ki?"

"You should get on this ki, bro, it's like the KEY to another you - see what I did there?"

("Ki" refers to an unspecified amount of powder or one tablet/capsule)
by yAb00mbaclat February 13, 2014
Ki is a nickname for Kiley. Kiley as in the RIGHT way of spelling the name Kylie (sounding like Kah-I-Leigh). A person called Ki is cute, sweet, and all around an awesome person.
Hey Ki, I love you!
by thebestkieva January 30, 2010
The internal power of a warrior. Is the fighting level of each human being.
The ki of Evil Ryu is incrediblely great.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
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