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Khuwar is a language spoken widly - particularly in:
a) Chitral - a district of NWFP of Pakistan
b) Ghizer - a district of Northern Areas of Pakistan

The word 'Khu" derive from a village in Chitral named "Khu" and and "war" means the words sb utter (language). It was first spoken in this village and spread over and that is why it is called Khuwar. Khuwar poetry is well known in most parts and it is appreciated.
(Abdul Jahan)
How are you?
Kicha Asus?
I am fine and how are you?
A wa jam Asum tu kicha Asus?
by Abdul Jahan March 15, 2004
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indian slang to describe a person who is horny or/and perverted
Example 1: Adam bahut bara khuwar hai
Meaning: Adam is too perverted

When used as a Verb

Example 2: Kya Khuwar-ee kare tum aaj?
Meaning:What perverted stuff did you do today?
by Renzy July 01, 2012
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Khuwar is a language spoken in each part of Chitral and Ghizer district of Pakistan. khow are the people who live in different villages in Chitral e.g. Mulkow and Torkhow. War means a dilect which means that " a dilect sopoken by the people of Khow areas"
When this dilect spreaded over and spoken largely it got a status of language. Now khuwar is considered a soft language and its peotry is well known.
Tu kuri besan?
Where are you going?
by Mohammad Rahim March 15, 2004
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