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One of the four chaos gods in the warhammer universe.
Khorne's followers are usually clad in red armor and prever melee combat, They may also call upon the demons of khorne who usualy take the forms of huge red hounds with large fangs and a heavy brass studded collar or human-like creatures with manes, hornes, hooves, armor fragmens(belt and bracers) and a two handed axe as big as themselves.
In especially big battles a champion is sometimes prepared as a host for a greater deamon of Khorne, when the time is right he will explode in a shower of blood, opening a rift to the warp and this allowing a greater deamon inside the dimension, these greater deamons stand arouns eight to ten meters tall, wields a double sided axe as big as two men, and a whip of hellsfire, it also has armor and huge leathery wings.
Khorne despites magic in all it's forms, The demons and followers of khorne have a heavy resistance against magic, granted by their god.
There are no temples and few rituals for Khorne as the only way to get his attenstion is by slaying as many as you can on the battlefield, friend or foe.
In battle, followers of khorne are blinded by rage and will attack anyting they can, even if the odds are against them.
The khorne berzerkers slayed all the imperial guard who where at the outpost.
by Arkhar January 19, 2007
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The god of blood and war in warhammer and warhammer 40K
by Jammers March 22, 2005
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