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A pile of meat, ordered from a butcher and left outside the residence of those who ordered it.

In the 1800s during the strong wave of immigration into the United States, there was a very high density of Jewish families in New York City. Multiple families often lived in the same apartment and wouldn't have to travel far to purchase groceries. As such, these families would often purchase their meat from the same local butcher and order it to be delivered in anticipation of its need. The butcher would then go out and deliver these meat orders to all of the local families. Because of the high population density, these butchers would often begin meat delivery before most families were awake. He would then leave all orders for a specific apartment on the street to be picked up once the residents were awake. These piles of meats became known as khlallipiles.
Go get seven links of sausage from the khlallipile out front!
by Ahmed the Vampire Slayer September 02, 2009
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